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It’s one thing trying to wrap your head around Ray Charles, or John Coltrane, or Miles Davis. Doing the opposite, though, is even more difficult. Of course, there are plenty of people (you included) who wouldn’t object to the thought of having, say, a scantily or provocatively clad Bettie Page, or an uber-cool looking James Dean wrapped around their heads. But how to go about persuading Bettie, or James, or, for that matter, Ray Charles, or John Coltrane, or Miles Davis - or even Betty Boop or Holly Hobbie that this is somehow a good idea; that this is a pastime in which they might willingly participate? Well, wonder no longer! Now, thanks to the Sons of Gotham Bandanas, at a moment’s notice you can have any number of outrageously cool and/or deeply desirable iconic celebrities at your disposal and all willing to allow themselves to be wrapped around your head. The Bandanas are 100% polyester, and measure approximately 22" X 22".

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