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With most sitcoms, usually the formulaic ones, you know just what to expect. Not with this one, though. Just what are you meant to make of a sit com that has a 7 second opening musical theme, and introduces scenes with title flash cards? How are you meant to deal with a show where the star, instead of being the usual regular guy, is a brilliant, highly cultured, and incredibly snobbish and condescending psychiatrist host of a radio phone-in show? A snobbish and condescending psychiatrist, moreover, who’s perfectly able to analyze everyone else’s problems, but is seemingly totally unable to understand – in fact, is totally blind to – his own multiple problems and neuroses? How do you react to all that? You fall about laughing, that’s what. And, of course you prescribe yourself…the Sons of Gotham Frasier T Shirts! With their images from the subversively classic TV comedy show, the Frasier Tees are the ones that always comfortingly seem to say, “I’m listening.” The shirts are 100% cotton, neurotically pre-shrunk, and condescendingly machine washable.

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