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So, you're a former NASA astronaut and an erstwhile translator for the United Nations, and you're now a major in US Army Intelligence. Fair enough - nothing unusual about that. But, in your spare time, you're actually Princess Diana of Themyscira - an immortal Amazon warrior endowed not just with beauty and brains, but also with superhuman strength, agility, and an armory of magical weapons with which you battle crime and wickedness! Woah! Go girl! But, and here's the big question, what do you wear on days when your boots need re-heeling and your sexy bustier and 1950's bikini bottoms are in the wash? What else but the Sons of Gotham Wonder Woman T Shirts! Whenever the dictates of laundry or leisure demand a change of pace from your normal daily grind of wielding your Lasso of Truth to ensnare criminals, brandishing your Bracelets of Victory to deflect bullets, or donning your Sandals of Hermes to run at super-speed, the Wonder Woman tees are the Amazonian alternative dress code of choice! And they're 100% cotton, machine washable, and pre-shrunk!

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