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Is there anything worse than a serial killer? Of course there is: two serial killers! But how about a whole season of assorted serial killers? Especially when they’re not just serial killers, they’re random evil, sniper, cop-taunting, child abducting serial killers. These guys are the worst of the worst. But, to you, they’re nothing more than this week’s “Unknown Subject” – or “Un-Sub” for short. And that’s precisely why you’re part of a special team of super-cop profilers and investigators who’ve been put together to get into the heads of how these monsters operate, to stop them, to catch them, and to take them off the streets. And that’s why, if you’re going to play your part, you have to be dressed for the part with…the Sons of Gotham Criminal Minds T Shirts! Designed to celebrate the rugged and uncompromising TV cop show, the Criminal Minds Tees will ensure you have a sartorially perfect profile. The shirts are 100% cotton, mindfully pre-shrunk, and criminally machine washable.

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