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Teaching – it’s all too often an under-appreciated and under-respected profession. And just because you initially lied and conned your under-qualified way into the job of a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school in order to earn enough money to pay your overdue rent by basically doing as little work as humanly possible, it shouldn’t mean that you should be under-appreciated or under-respected. Nor should it matter that, instead of teaching them math, what you’re actually teaching them is the potted history of rock music, and providing them with a valuable hands-on approach to becoming the next Battle of the Bands winning rock band. So celebrate stickin’ it to the Man, and pledge your allegiance to … the Sons of Gotham School of Rock T Shirts! Even if you’re a tacky, fat loser, and have body odor, the School of Rock Tees will provide an education in fashion. The shirts are 100% cotton, rockingly pre-shrunk, and musically machine washable.

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