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The universe is, let’s face it, pretty complicated. For one thing, it’s big. In fact, it’s bigger than big: it’s infinite. And yet it’s constantly expanding. (How does infinity get *more* infinite? How does that work?) And then, for another thing, in addition to more stars, planets, galaxies, and intergalactic space than you can throw a stick at, it’s chock full of mind messing stuff like dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. And we’ve only got one universe to worry about. The folks at DC Comics have got themselves either 52 or, depending how you look at it, an infinite number of the darn things. No wonder they decided that if they were ever going to sort out their complicated and contradictory superhero multiverse back-stories what they needed to do was reboot the entire thing. Which is why you need… the Sons of Gotham Infinite Crisis Tees!

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