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“Right, here’s the plan. We’re gonna do a remake of a cult, and very, very expensive, 1978 TV Sci Fi series. But there’s gonna be some changes. Number 1, those Cylon guys: this time round it turns out they weren’t originally created by a bunch of lizards – they were created by humans! Yeah, thought you'd like that - much deeper. Second, and get this, in the remake Starbuck’s gonna be a chick! Next, that Athena character who was nothing more than a love interest for the original male Starbuck? She’s toast! Plus, we’re gonna throw in a load of weird religious stuff about how the humans believe in a bunch of classical Greek gods, and the Cylons believe in a god more like our, you know, God. Clever, huh? Oh, and the dog? Out with the trash!” So, while you’re getting your head around all of that, get your head around…the Sons of Gotham Battlestar Galactica New Series T Shirts! The Battlestar Galactica New Series Tees are 100% cotton, newly pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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