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Your first day at any new high school can often seem confusing, and strange. But not half as strange as discovering that the overachiever kid in your class has a caffeine pill addiction, the nerdy bright kid has invented a robot with artificial intelligence, and that the blond kid with the house brick-sized cell phone has the power to stop time! That kids a mutant! He could walk into the cast of the X-Men, no questions asked! Oh, and some other kids – like that brunette biker girl – will suddenly and inexplicably disappear from school, never to be mentioned, by anyone, ever again. What’s with this place? The best thing you can do is try to blend in with…the Sons of Gotham Saved by the Bell T Shirts! With their Bayside High designs, the Saved by the Bell Tees will save you the trouble of saying, "Hey, hey, hey!” and asking, “What is going on here?" The shirts are 100% cotton, sociopathically pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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