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OK, who cares if your detractors make sushi jokes, and reckon that your super power ability to talk to fish is uncool? Certainly not you! Why? Well, for one thing, you're not just a superhero; you're actually royalty - the King of the 7 Seas, and heir to Atlantis. For another, you're fully capable of trading punches with SupermanWonder Woman, or Cthulhu! And, unlike other superheroes, you're so self-confident and uber-cool that you can't even be bothered about having a secret identity. Oh, and your superhero wife Mera is an aquatic fox! So, when you want to kick back and slip out of your fish scale body suit, what are you going to wear that still makes a splash? The Sons of Gotham Aquaman T Shirts! Whether you're taking a breather from swimming at 10,000 feet per second, summoning great white sharks and giant squid to do your bidding, or just ignoring Japanese raw fish jokes, the Aquaman tees are the Atlantis shirts of choice. The shirts are 100% cotton! machine washable, and (crucially for Aquaman) pre-shrunk.

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