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OK, so it’s 1950s Baltimore, MD, and half the kids resemble a rockabilly Stray Cats tribute band while the other half look like they’re auditioning for the part of Brad and Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, regardless of whether you’re a Drape or a Square, you know that the two halves are never going to meet. Unless, that is, a Drape and a Square just happen to fall in love. And that’s when all sorts of taboos, not to mention hearts, and possibly a few laws, are going to start getting broken. So, before you start breaking into song, make sure you break yourself into … the Sons of Gotham Cry Baby T Shirts! Designed to ensure that you’ll never feel the need to shed a tear over your sartorial selection, the Cry Baby Tees are stellar choice for any star-crossed lover. The shirts are 100% cotton, sub-culturally pre-shrunk, and musically machine washable.

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