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Serial killers. They’re everywhere. The entire country is positively crawling with them. They used to be fairly rare, but nowadays it’s getting so you can’t turn around at the grocery store checkout line without bumping into at least one serial killer. Still, given that you’re a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD, while the existence of all these serial killers might be bad news for their victims, it’s good news for you. Without them, you’d be out of a job. What’s more, you’d have to give up your favorite hobby – killing serial killers! All of which goes to prove that every cloud has a silver lining. The question is, though, does killing serial killers make you a serial killer killer, or a serial serial killer killer? While you’re working that one out, maybe you should analyze…the Sons of Gotham Dexter T Shirts! Whenever you need to recreate a crime scene (or create your own!), the Dexter Tees will ensure you never get caught out. The shirts are 100% cotton, analytically pre-shrunk, and murderously machine washable.

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