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As a member of the NCIS you have to put up with a lot: such as getting dope slapped by your boss on the back of the head. And it’s not just by your boss; sometimes you dope slap yourself! On top of that there’s the necessity to be a workaholic and to put in seemingly 24 hours a day at the office – that is, when your boss isn’t telling you to grab your gear because you’ve got a dead marine or a dead sailor at some location. Still, the good news is that the perps are usually from Chechnya. So say a big “On it, boss” to…the Sons of Gotham NCIS T Shirts. Whether you’re a former gunny sergeant who uses the elevator as his private office, a very special agent, a techie probie, a Goth lab genius, an English doctor who talks to cadavers, or the lone female action woman on the team (in which case, watch out – the job security sucks!), the NCIS T Shirts will always have your six. The NCIS Tees are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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