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The life of a sarcastic, opinionated, overweight orange tabby cat isn't always a bed of roses - especially if you've eaten the roses! For one thing, you have to put up with sharing the house with Jon, your socially awkward and nerdy owner. And then, of course, there's the constant requirement to swat spiders, to terrorize the postman, to harass the neighbors, to listen to insults from the bathroom scales, to kick Odie off the table, and to hate Mondays. With all this going on it's little wonder there's never enough time to do important stuff - like eating lasagna or lying on the couch watching TV! But, when you have got some time to yourself, at least you can change into something comfortable and relaxing - such as the Sons of Gotham Garfield T Shirts! With more than 200 different styles and designs, the Garfield Tees will cheer up even the grumpiest cartoon feline. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, machine washable, and recommended by Pooky the teddy bear.

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