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Naturally enough, the prospect of winning $1 million is always appealing. But when it involves racing around the globe in teams of two, visiting foreign countries, looking for clues, undertaking various mental and physical challenges, and performing a seemingly endless number of specially designed tasks including Detours, Roadblocks, Yields, Fast Forwards, Speed Bumps, Hazards, U-Turns, Double U-Turns, Blind U-Turns, and Blind Double U-Turns, and when all the while you’re being followed by a camera crew, life can get a little grueling. And that’s especially the case when the camera crew obviously isn’t operating on the same extremely limited public transportation budget as you! Maybe it’s better just to watch other people do it while you kick back and relax with…the Sons of Gotham The Amazing Race T Shirts! Designed to celebrate the Emmy Award winning reality TV game show, The Amazing Race Tees will ensure that at least your wardrobe is always a winner! The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and amazingly machine washable.

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