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OK, let’s get real; the Chicago Blackhawks you’re not. But, credit where it’s due, you’re doing your best. Even if your best is only being a veteran player-coach for the no-hope minor-league Charlestown Chiefs hockey team. But now, with the local mill closing in your town, you’re going to have to do something a little special if you’re going to keep your team from being folded at the end of the season. Maybe you should try retooling the team’s tactics around the aggressive roughhouse playing style of those three dimwit bespectacled brothers the owner just hired in order for you to out slap, out play, out fight, and out swear anything the opposition throws against you. And maybe you want to get your skates on for … the Sons of Gotham Slap Shot T Shirts! When you’re looking to be a fashion enforcer, the Slap Shot Tees will always have their gloves off for you.

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