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Buses. Sometimes it seems like you can wait for them all day. Still, while you’re waiting at the stop, at least you get to tell your life story to a bunch of strangers. And what a story that is! From wearing leg braces to becoming a college football star and running across the USA; from your hometown of Greenbow Alabama to the jungles of Vietnam and winning the Congressional Medal of Honor; from taking on the Chinese at ping-pong to becoming a magnate in the shrimp business; and, along the way, meeting a whole passel of Presidents, teaching Elvis to dance, inspiring John Lennon to write “Imagine”, and exposing the Watergate affair! But, just because life may be like a box of chocolates, there’s no reason why your wardrobe needs to be. And, when you open it, you need to know what you’re gonna get is … the Sons of Gotham Forrest Gump T Shirts! After all, sartorial is as sartorial does. The Forrest Gump Tees are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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