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Hey, so you found a pair of sunglasses. Cool! But what’s that you say: the sunglasses allow you to see that there are skinless, formaldehyde-faced aliens living among us, and they’ve got subliminal messages plastered everywhere telling humans to consume, conform, obey, submit, marry and reproduce?! And you say these aliens are causing global warming and are bent on depleting the Earth’s resources before moving on to another planet? You’re going to have to stop them! Maybe you should try destroying the source of that signal they’re beaming into peoples’ brains that stops them from seeing that they’re aliens. And, since you’re all out of bubblegum, maybe you should get your head around … the Sons of Gotham They Live T Shirts! When you need to make the world sit up and take notice, the They Live Tees will never be found sartorially sleeping on the job.

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