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It’s a busy old life in the world of science fiction. Space, the final frontier, has to be repeatedly voyaged. Orders have to be given and received by your command. Body snatchers have to invade, wormholes have to be passed through, planets forbidden, worlds warred with, quantums leaped, and monsters from outer space married. With all these calls on your time it’s a wonder that you ever have a moment to yourself! Especially since virtually every creature in the known universe – not to mention at least a couple of extra dimensions – seems hell-bent on annihilating you! Despite all this, even the most intrepid space traveler needs a bit of time to his or herself. And that’s the moment when you need to slip into the Sons of Gotham Science Fiction T Shirts! With entire galaxies (and, indeed, dimensions) of themes to choose from, the Science Fiction Tees are, for any science fiction aficionado, the factual tees of choice.

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