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OK, so your friends think you're just a reporter (and a mild-mannered one at that) for the Daily Planet, but that quiet business suit and tie combo just isn't cutting it as a disguise any more. Besides, being all that speeding bullet, locomotive, tall building thing is all well and good, but this is the modern world. Cell phones have made pay-phone booths extinct! Where are you going to get changed?! Clearly, this is a job for the Sons of Gotham range of Superman T Shirts! With dozens of different designs to choose from, ranging from the iconic Superman "S" shield to images of the actual Man of Steel himself in action, these Superman tees are the perfect dress-down solution for dealing with either evil-genius, bald business magnates or with prankster imps from the 5th Dimension whose names are devoid of vowels. And they are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, machine washable, and guaranteed Kryptonite free!

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