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What’s that you say? It’s your sweet sixteenth birthday and your entire family forgot it because they’ve been entirely focused on the wedding of your older sister? That’s not good. And you say that you’re in love with a senior at your high school who doesn’t even seem to know you exist? Bummer. And you’re getting constantly pursued by some geek of a freshman, and your secret quiz answers have gone missing? Eweew!! And, on top of all that, your parents expect you to play host to a foreign exchange student called (wait for it) Long Duk?! No wonder you’re stressed. And no wonder you need to focus on, check out, cool down, and hook up with … the Sons of Gotham Sixteen Candles T Shirts! If you ever feel the unlikely need to swap your tops for anything, the Sixteen Candles Tees are the perfect choice - even when it isn't your birthday. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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