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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

So, you’ve met the girl of your dreams – literally. But, there’s a downside. If you’re going to carry on dating her, you’re first going to have to do battle with and defeat each of her seven evil exes: the Indian with mystical powers who can conjure up demonic hipster chicks; the pro-skateboarder turned action movie star; the bass player with psychic powers from his vegan diet; the half-ninja former college roommate and (surprise!) ex-girlfriend; both of the roboticist Japanese twins; and, of course, with the evil Gideon. Oh, and finally you’re going to have to confront your own evil alter-ego. Really? Talk about a high maintenance date! So, the least you can do is dress for the occasion by wearing … the Sons of Gotham Scott Pilgrim vs The World T Shirts! Whatever your date demands of you, the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Tees will triumph! The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and low maintenance machine washable.

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