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Say what you like about high school proms, but there’s no education like them: a lifetime’s training in dealing with introspective angst, social scheming, hallway drama, clique warfare, romantic torment, and fretful worrying, all crammed into one short night and the week or so leading up to it. And that’s never more true than when you’re a poor girl from the “wrong side of the tracks” with an out of work father, and the prom date of your dreams is one of those boys from the New Wave, arrogant social clique known at school as the “richie” kids. How are you going to bridge the social gulf? How are you going to overcome all that stands between you and true love? By wearing … the Sons of Gotham Pretty in Pink T Shirts, of course! Whatever your favorite color, the Pretty in Pink Tees will ensure that you’re always the belle of the ball. The shirts are 100% cotton, prettily pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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