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New York City – life there is just a zoo! And that’s especially true if you’re a lion, a zebra, a hippo, or a giraffe and you happen to live in New York’s Central Park Zoo. But when you escape along with a bunch of penguins and chimpanzees, and suddenly find yourself sedated by tranquilizer darts before being shipped off faraway to a wildlife reserve in Africa, only to be accidentally dumped overboard after the penguins hijack the ship in attempt to divert it to Antarctica, and finally washed up on the shores of Madagascar, maybe life in the Big Apple doesn’t seem quite so bad after all. And, maybe, when animal passions are running high, what you need is the civilizing influence of … the Sons of Gotham Madagascar T Shirts! No matter how far you find yourself from home, everyone will go wild for the Madagascar Tees.

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