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Some cartoons are zany, some are ironic, others are satirical. Few, though, devote themselves to developmental psychology. You, however, are just such a one. Is it possible, you ask, to see the self-confident and streetwise Bugs Bunny in the sometimes uncertain Baby Bugs? Can the brutish violence of Taz be observed in the well-behaved and cry-baby Baby Taz? How is it that the shy and easily frightened Baby Sylvester could become the predatory Sylvester? And, while the personality of Baby Tweety presents fewer problems, never overlook the possibility of arrested development! Any cartoon as psychologically profound as yours deserves a T shirt that matches its intellectual rigor. So give a big Warner Brothers welcome to the Sons of Gotham Looney Tunes T Shirts! With images of the Looney Tunes team and their Baby Looney Tunes incarnations, the Looney Tunes Tees are the perfect way to study how a new cartoon franchise can be created for a younger demographic from already established characters. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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