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OK, so let’s get this straight. You’re a panda. And your dad is a goose. And he runs a noodle shop. How exactly does that work? No, not the noodle shop thing (though how a goose, a creature with wings instead of hands, is able to mix, knead, roll, and chop noodle dough beats the heck out of us). It's the other thing ... the panda son, goose dad thing. Oh, never mind. Anyway, so you live in ancient China and you’re really into the whole Kung Fu martial arts gig. The only problem is your fighting style is, a bit like your parentage, a little eccentric. Still, if you’re going to defeat that snow leopard you need to put your best Shaolin moves on … the Sons of Gotham Kung Fu Panda T Shirts! When you want a tee that does more than eats shoots and leaves, the Kung Fu Panda Tees are the knockout solution. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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