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It’s been a long and crazy, crazy late night at the office. And it’s been made all the crazier by the fact that your office is a silver and black world of exploding pyrotechnics, special effects, dry ice, smoke bombs, flaming guitars, sparkling rockets, and violently erupting columns of fire! Of course you’re tired – especially after all that fire-breathing, leaping around dressed in studded leather while wearing dragon-toothed, 7 inch platform soled boots, and performing seemingly endless solos on your axe-shaped bass guitar for the intro to God of Thunder! So kick off the boots, wipe off the face paint, and slip yourself into something a little more comfortable, like…the Sons of Gotham Kiss T Shirts! Whether you’re a Demon, a Starchild, a Space Ace, or a Catman, the Kiss Tees are the perfect after-hours accessory for any glam metal shock rocker!

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