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Being an outspoken, socially progressive politician as well as a billionaire industrialist playboy can be trying enough on its own. But, when you're also a vigilante, crime-fighting super hero dedicated to using your formidable archery skills to keep the streets of Star City safe from super villains, it can leave you with scant time on your hands to kick back, take it easy, and have a little personal downtime in order to trim your goatee. But, on the odd occasion when you do, you need to have something to wear that doesn't make you look like Robin Hood on steroids, or a medieval crack dealer. So, reach for your bow and draw a bead on the Sons of Gotham range of Green Arrow T Shirts. Though casual and relaxed in appearance, the Green Arrow tees are designed to hit the sartorial bullseye - even when you're feeling a bit down that your parents got eaten by lions because you hesitated to shoot them. The lions, that is. And they are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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