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What is it with high performance muscle cars? Maybe it’s their power-bred lines; perhaps it’s the primal, animal roar of their engines; possibly it’s their buttock clenching acceleration; or it might just be their bowel loosening potential for danger, death, and general mayhem on the public highways. Whatever it is, when you throw into the mix a plot that involves a bunch of ex-convict street racers, a series of semi-truck hijackings, armed and dangerous truck drivers, and an undercover police investigation into a string of expensive electronic equipment thefts, the net result is a wild and deadly, full-throttle round of high octane road rage. And that’s why you need to give your wardrobe some extra horse power by slipping your petrol head into … the Sons of Gotham Fast and Furious T Shirts! Designed for any clutch situation, the Fast and Furious Tees will keep you firmly in the sartorial driving seat. The shirts are 100% cotton, powerfully pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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