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OK, follow me closely here, you’re a slightly hapless and partially deranged astronaut who’s fallen through a wormhole into another galaxy to end up aboard a living spacecraft that was once a slave ship for a militaristic race called the Peacekeepers who are fighting a reptilian species called the Scarrans, and you now find yourself part of a crew that includes a muppet king who farts helium, a paranoid warrior who stuns people with a high velocity flick of his tongue, and a humanoid vegetable princess. Oh, and an alien race called the Ancients have hidden wormhole knowledge inside your sub-conscious, and an insane military commander has planted a chip in your brain that makes you hallucinate. And everyone has Australian accents. No wonder you’re partially deranged! Clearly you need to wormhole your way into the Sons of Gotham Farscape T Shirts! Designed to celebrate the edgy TV Sci Fi series, the Farscape Tees are the shirts of choice for anyone lost in a distant part of the universe. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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