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OK. You say you’re a celebrated and much-acclaimed black stand-up comedian, hero of Saturday Night Live, and the natural successor to Richard Prior? That’s pretty cool. And you say you’ve got a TV show about your life back in 1982, before you were a comedian; back when you thought you thought that coolest thing that could happen to you was being a teenager; back when you thought you were gonna have women, and money, and be able to stay out late? Back when you thought you were gonna be the bomb? Boy, were you wrong!! But, look on the bright side: the rest of us just loves it. And that is why you should be happy, relive the moment, and rejoice in the past with…the Sons of Gotham Everybody Hates Chris T Shirts! Designed to celebrate the Chris Rock childhood TV show, the Everybody Hates Chris Tees let you happily relive someone else’s childhood. The shirts are 100% cotton, hysterically pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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