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“OK, kid, so you say you’re a script writer with an idea for a TV series that’s gonna be bigger than Dallas? So, whadyagot? Let’s see…a rich oil family who lives in Colorado. Weird, but we can live with it. Lots of VERY big hair. I like it! Opulent outfits for the ladies fitted with shoulder pads that look like they should be playing in the NFL. I LOVE it! And the female leads are always getting into cat fights. I TOTALLY LOVE it! You’re hired. Two conditions. Number one, we need an ex-wife, and make her English. Number two, we need a big season ending episode at a royal wedding where the entire cast gets shot by terrorists from…oh, I dunno, Morocco. No, make that Monaco. No, wait, better yet, Moldavia. Wherever the heck that is.” So, while you’re typing out the script, type an order for…the Sons of Gotham Dynasty T Shirts! The Dynasty Tees are 100% cotton, dynastically pre-shrunk, and, richly machine washable.

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