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The logo on your T shirt makes a statement and says something about you. But do people always notice? Are they listening? Maybe your shirt needs to speak up a bit and really make itself heard if you’re going to grab people’s attention. Maybe what you need is a tee that’s more than just a Tee. And when is a T shirt more than just a T shirt? When it's a costume T shirt. And, specifically, when it’s a Sons of Gotham Costume T Shirt! Whatever you’re into, whether its superheroes or villains, zombies or skeletons, Sci Fi or Animal HouseSaturday Night LiveSaturday Night Fever, or a Saturday night out as a member of The Warriors, the Costume T Shirts transform your entire upper body. With optional printing front and back, and available in a variety of styles and fabrics from the most vibrant 100% polyester, 65%/35% polyester/cotton, to traditional 100% cotton, the Costume Tees are perfect for Halloween or whenever you want to make your statement heard.

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