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So there you are: the son of prosperous fishmonger, and a nervous groom-to-be in an arranged marriage to a beautiful, but penniless, aristocratic young lady. Of course, you’re having a hard time remembering your wedding vows, and so, naturally enough, you take yourself off for a stroll in the woods to rehearse your lines. And what happens next? You end up giving your speech to, and placing the wedding ring on, an upturned tree root that suddenly turns out to be the dead finger of a murdered bride who suddenly whisks you off to the Land of the Dead as her husband. It’s an easy enough mistake to make. We’ve all done it. But that doesn’t mean you should also make the mistake of not getting hitched to … the Sons of Gotham Corpse Bride T Shirts! Whenever you need a tee fit for a gothic melodrama, the Corpse Bride Tees will never have you feeling left for dead. The shirts are 100% cotton, romantically pre-shrunk, and musically machine washable.

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