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You may be a Man of Steel, a Dark Knight, a sarcastic orange cat, a valiant Green Lantern, a spinach-munching sailor man, a grimly-grimacing Judge police officer, a Boop-Oop-be-Doop 1930’s flapper whose clothes keep falling off, or a feline-inspired female antihero clad in supple and skin-tight leather. You might even be a gonzo cop armed with a fireman’s axe, or any number of other visually dazzling heroes and villains. Whatever the case, the fact is, and whether you know it or not, you belong to a union – a brother and sisterhood of 2-dimensional characters without whom the glory and richness of Western civilization would be but a mere shadow of itself. So pay your dues, and show your respect by wearing the Sons of Gotham Comic T Shirts! With more than two thousand different designs, and a multiplicity of different styles and fabrics to choose from, the Comic Tees are the guaranteed and gorgeously graphic way to celebrate your comic sensibilities.

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