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So, young man, you’ll be graduating soon and you’re looking for some solid, wise, and mature advice as to what career or gainful employment you might want to choose after high school. Well now, let’s see … what are your natural talents? Bribery; very good. Blackmail; excellent. Murder; splendid. Corruption, and general decadence, debauchery, and self-interest; first class! Well, the answer’s simple enough. Have you thought of becoming Pope? Just consider the benefits package: a job for life, your own state, and infallibility! Oh, and don’t worry too much about all that small print stuff about righteousness, belief in God, and celibacy. All purely optional. The only things that matter are that you’re male, well-connected, and utterly ruthless. And that your wardrobe includes … the Sons of Gotham The Borgias T Shirts! Designed to supplement the skeletons already in your closet, the Borgias Tees are the College of Cardinals' cream of the crop and the pick of the pontifical litter. The shirts are 100% cotton, ruthlessly pre-shrunk, and decadently machine washable.

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