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Some days it seems it’s just one darn thing after another. First of all, your planned bust using the trailer truck full of cigarettes goes wrong, then your buddy gets shot while in possession of a whole bunch of German bearer bonds, setting you off on a trail that leads you to Beverly Hills and a deadly cocaine smuggling operation. Along the way you’ve had to foil an armed robbery in a strip club, bluff your way into the Beverly Palm Hotel, a country club, and a bonded warehouse, while still finding time in your busy schedule to stick bananas up police car tail pipes. So, before you engage in the final mass shoot-out against a small army of Uzi-totting villains, maybe you need to change into … the Sons of Gotham Beverly Hills Cop T Shirts! No matter how many hotel bathrobes you’ve stashed in your bags, the Beverly Hills Cop Tees will always have you looking street-smart. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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