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Sure, everyone loves an underdog, but let’s face the facts: they’re a bunch of losers. This little league team couldn’t beat an egg. So, seeing as how you’re an aging, washed-up, beer-breathed, alcoholic former minor league baseball player who’s got himself talked into being their coach, what are ya gonna do about it? Of course! You’re going to bring in a pitcher, your ex-girlfriend’s eleven year-old tomboy daughter (you know, the one who looks just like Tatum O’Neal), as well as that cigarette-smoking local delinquent girl, and suddenly the team’s fortunes will start to turn around. Now, if only you can beat the Yankees in the final. But before you worry about that, you need to change into … the Sons of Gotham The Bad News Bears T Shirts! Designed to convert any hopeless underdog into championship contenders, The Bad News Bears Tees will ensure your sartorial bases are always loaded. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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