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Some shirts are designed for the here and now, for the world we know and understand, for the life we live and the reality we think is all about us. But there are other tees – ones designed for the never never and forever, for an underworld we sense and guess, for a life made magic where fantasy fans the darkest flames of our imagination; a world of Grim Reapers with scythes, of gorgons with serpents, of Gothic angels and fairies and enchantresses, of Oak Kings, of skeletons on motorbikes ablaze with hell fire, or with battle-axe guitars, or dancing with masked women, of death head skulls wearing burning shades, and of dragons – dragons crouching, coiling, swirling, soaring, raging, roaring, breathing smoke, breathing fire, and all, all breathing life into … the Sons of Gotham Anne Stokes Collection T Shirts!

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