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OK, you’ve liberated a super-secret, supersonic, super-stealth, and super heavily armored military attack helicopter with the sort of super firepower that’s a cross between an F16 and an A10 Warthog. So how come it’s got a paint job that makes it look like a flying killer whale? And how come it looks remarkably like a commercial Bell 222 with a few studio props stuck on it? And why is Ernest Borgnine its only ground crew? However, when your days are constantly filled with battling sinister Soviets, malevolent Middle Easterners, and a guy dressed in a white suit, a panama hat, and half a pair of sunglasses, you haven’t got time to worry about the little stuff. But you can worry about dressing right. Which is why you need…the Sons of Gotham Airwolf T Shirts! With their images of the classic '80s TV show, the Airwolf Tees will never leave you in a sartorial flat spin. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and super machine washable.

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