Who Are The Real Villains Of Harry Potter?

Who Are The Real Villains Of Harry Potter?

The Many Villains In Harry Potter

The world of Harry Potter features some of the most well-known characters in fiction. In fact, it’s got more than just your run-of-the-mill evil villains. It also features a variety of complicated, morally grey characters. This of course begs the question: who are the real villains of Harry Potter? Let’s take a look at some of these characters.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Incredibly powerful and just as cruel, Bellatrix Lestrange definitely deserves to be on the list of real villains in Harry Potter. Her unyielding dedication to Voldemort makes her one of the scariest, most threatening characters in the Harry Potter world. 

Severus Snape

Professor Snape is one of the most complicated characters in the series. Many debate over whether Snape is a villain in Harry Potter or not. Ultimately, he ends up on the right side. However, his actions leading up to that were often questionable. Was Snape a villain or simply an anti-hero? Or is he too complex to fit any one label? Even years later, it’s difficult to sum up this complicated character.

Draco Malfoy

Ever the pain in our heroes’ sides, Draco Malfoy constantly showed up to cause trouble. Yes, Draco was just plain bad for most of the series. However, many would debate whether he was truly evil or simply a child led down the wrong path. After all, his father Lucius wasn’t exactly the best parental figure. In the end, Draco actually does help our heroes a few times and is even shown to grow out of his villainous ways in the future. 


We know, we know. Dumbledore isn’t technically a villain, and he’s certainly nothing like Voldemort. However, Dumbledore is a little more complicated than being a squeaky clean character. Many fans have argued that Dumbledore is just as flawed as many of the other characters in the world of Harry Potter. He is often misleading and withholding important information. With that said, his plans do work out in the end and he makes these decisions to ultimately fight evil. 

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