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Difficult thing, politics. Done right, it’s a rational and meaningful interest and engagement in the governance of society. Done wrong, it’s a blind acceptance of whatever errant nonsense is currently being peddled by a bunch of greasy pole-climbing snake-oil salesmen. Besides, it doesn’t matter who you vote for – the government always gets in. And patriotism is even more difficult. Done right, it’s a noble and positive civic virtue. Done wrong, you’ve suddenly got a Nuremberg rally on your hands. The important thing, therefore, is to try and keep a sense of humor. And here to help you do just that are the Sons of Gotham Political and Patriotic T Shirts! With slogans and images from across the political spectrum, with the Political and Patriotic Tees you can not only get your opinions off your chest – you can put them on your chest! The shirts are 100% cotton, politically pre-shrunk, and patriotically machine washable.

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