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Life inside a monastery can be a struggle, and monks have been known to wrestle with many things: some wrestle with their calling, some wrestle with their conscience, some even wrestle with their faith. You, however, are different. That’s because you’re a monk who wrestles with … well… wrestlers. If the church knew, of course, it would boot you out of the monastery with a flying dropkick. However, thanks to your mask, it doesn’t. And anyway, how else are you going to buy decent food for all the orphans that you have to cook for? But don’t go thinking that professional wrestling is going to be easy or that you’re not going to need help. But, thankfully, help is on hand thanks to … the Sons of Gotham Nacho Libre T Shirts! Whenever you’re grappling with what to wear, the Nacho Libre Tees will pin the decision to the mat. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.

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