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Naturally, you have something to say; something pithy, witty, and politically incorrect. The problem, though, is getting people to pay attention and listen to it. This is aggravating. It’s especially aggravating because you just know they’d be so impressed by its pith, and so amused by its wit, that they’d instantly recognize your total awesomeness and start handing you invitations to exclusive parties, VIP rooms, and weekends on their luxury yachts. Possibly. You could, of course, try shouting. But, for one reason or another, some people find this annoying – usually the people who host exclusive parties or own luxury yachts. So what to do to make your message heard? Simple! Just wear it on your chest with the Sons of Gotham Funny T Shirts! Whatever you have to say, and however politically incorrect it may be, with over 600 different designs and slogans to choose from, there’s a Funny Tee to suit your needs and your mood. The shirts are 100% cotton, pithily pre-shrunk, and wittily machine washable.

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